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In this article, we present  VikingXL, a product that, based on the collected reviews, is becoming more and more popular on the web and seems to be an excellent product in the sexual sphere .

The peace of the marital relationship  largely depends on the moments of intimacy which, apart from being physiological moments, have a huge impact on the good course of a relationship between two people. However, it is inevitable that as the years go by, both due to a decline in libido and issues of old age, men run the risk of stumbling over obstacles that inevitably lead to peak-to-flop sex.

Moreover, while a woman encountering problems in the sexual sphere is more open to confrontation and getting help, the man is more and more reluctant to do so and most often tries to solve the problem on his own, entering a vicious circle of anxiety related to performance, which leads to progressive deterioration. sexual performance.

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VikingXL: what’s going on

VikingXL is a  natural  capsule product whose main goal is to  increase libido  and  sexual performance in men.
It can be taken  without side effects  and has no contraindications as it is a herbal preparation.

Suitable for men of  all ages  . Yes, because erotic supplements are often associated with an overly restricted consumer image: most believe, in fact, that these types of products are designed and conceived exclusively for men belonging to the advanced age group.


However,  VikingXL  is taken by men of all ages, because even the youngest may have problems with erectile dysfunction, caused by improper diet, stress, a sedentary lifestyle or even smoking. All factors that weaken sexual activity.

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VikingXL ingredients

As predicted,  VikingXL is a 100% natural  herbal product. Let’s see its features and specific composition:

  • turnera aphrodisiaca  , a powerful  aphrodisiac  with properties known and used since ancient times. In addition to fighting erection problems, one of its effects is also an increase  in sperm count  ;
  • tribulus , a herbaceous plant that grows in India, Australia, certain areas of Africa and Iraq and which, due to its composition, acts on  muscle tone  . Since the penis is a muscle, there are beneficial properties of this natural element in contrasting impotence and infertility;
  • maca , a plant that grows in high altitudes and has been known for some time for its aphrodisiac properties in Peruvian folk medicine. It has also recently conquered institutional medicine: in fact, numerous studies have shown that the continued use of poppy leads to an  increase in sexual desire  with a significant increase  in sperm count  and  activity  ;
  • rhodiola rosea  , a plant that grows in high altitudes and was once used in all its parts. Now, however, only the roots are used to obtain the active ingredients. Well known for its anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties, it also works on blood circulation to improve the  erection of the penis  , especially if erection problems are dependent on an emotional rather than physical state.

Thanks to such an extreme concentration of ingredients of natural origin,  VikingXL has no undesirable side effects .

How it works and dosage

VikingXL  has been the subject of numerous studies prior to its introduction to the market: its  effectiveness  has been verified in  92%  of cases. An excellent result considering that the only thing you have to do is remember to take it! In particular, tablets can be taken both  before sexual intercourse  (approximately 30 minutes before) to increase libido and performance, and as  a prolonged supplement over time  when erection problems are more important.

In the latter case, it is recommended to take one tablet daily before meals in combination with 200 ml of water for 30 days. The effect is  immediate  just  15-20 minutes after taking  it. The packaging is  practical  and easy  to handle  and you can carry it in a bag to use  the Viking XL  for any occasion: at the office, on the go, away from home.

In addition, since it is a natural supplement,  there is no need for a medical prescription  , although it is advisable to consult a physician for severe erection problems for a more comprehensive treatment, perhaps combining the beneficial effects of Viking XL with medical therapy.


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What are the benefits of this supplement

Thanks to the numerous properties of the excipients contained in the plants from which it is made,  VikingXL has many advantages  . We list them below:

  • improved erection function;
  • increased sexual libido;
  • increased sexual performance;
  • improvement in the quality of sex and orgasm  (more felt, longer and more intense orgasms);
  • an increase in the tone and volume of the penis  , due to the fact that the corpora cavernosa, along with the increase in blood supply, are more supplied with blood;
  • disinhibits sexual activity;
  • better and more prolonged immunity during sex;
  • better ejaculation control;
  • increased testosterone release;
  • quick effects (about 15-20 minutes after taking);
  • greater vitality and strength.

VikingXL  works not only as a  temporary  solution to a problem before sexual intercourse, but also as a measure if taken over time and more broadly as a means of improving the couple’s sexual situation.

In addition, it not only affects the sexual organ, but also  improves the quality of life  , because by increasing blood circulation, it gives the consumer  energy and vigor. Of course, the product  should not be taken if you are intolerant or allergic to one or more of the ingredients  (turnera aphrodisiaca, tribolo, maca, rhodiola rosea) from which it is made.

Experts and even those who have tried it guarantee  immediate results  . It is important that you strictly follow the instructions on the package insert to take advantage of the results.

VikingXL Reviews, Reviews and Comments from those who have tried

On the web, especially on forums, but also on the manufacturer’s website, you can find many testimonials from people who report  the miraculous effects of the  supplement. Everyone was  very satisfied with the  use of  VikingXL , both young and old: both because it did not have any side effects and the effects that appeared in a very short time.

Many specialists also spoke about it   , bringing to light the positive properties of Viking XL . In particular, we have noticed that most men are inclined to buy because they are encouraged by the fact that the product is made from  raw materials of natural origin  , without the risk of dealing with  adverse effects  .

Moreover, by using the beneficial properties of plants, VikingXL works not only for a physical problem, but also for  mental inhibition  related to sex and previous negative experiences related to sexual practices.

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VikingXL : Price and where to buy it, can you find it in a pharmacy?

VikingXL is not  sold in pharmacies  , neither in herbal medicine nor on e-commerce sites: the manufacturer  sells it exclusively  on its  official website  . This is a positive feature, as in this way middlemen such as retail stores do not intervene in the retail chain, which would inevitably apply a mark-up, which usually raises the retail price by several tens of euros.

However, be careful with  imitations  : When browsing the internet you will find many similarly named products that promise great results in a short time, but which are scams in most cases.

VikingXL  is sold at  a very competitive price  in the market: in fact, it is  discounted by 50% . We also recommend that you follow the site as very attractive promotions are often activated. Just enter your name and phone number to proceed with your purchase.

After a few minutes, you will be contacted by the operator who will treat the data  in a  completely  anonymous  form and to whom you can leave your references (name, surname, shipping address and selected form of payment) to complete the purchase. It is also possible to  pay in cash on delivery at no extra cost, so it is a convenient and nice solution for people who are reluctant to shop online with a credit card.

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